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The forecast prediction was wrong, slightly at least. They'd, whoever they were on the other side of the computer, predicted there to just be a few light showers. Wrong. You thought it'd be fine just to walk home from the convention like you'd walked to it. Wrong. It was absolutely pouring, and very cold. What made it even worse was the paranoia of your costume's well-being bubbling up. You didn't know if it could be in the rain, you hadn't bothered to check any tags.

'Be reasonable.' You kept on telling yourself as you looked down at your bright blue pants, flattening out any protruding folds, 'it may be cosplay, but they're still clothes. You're wearing it aren't you? It'd be stupid if you couldn't wash it, so it should be able to take a little rain right?' But there is always the off chance with materials that the colours may run and bleed into other colours, which isn't a good look. You'd bought the costume cheap, so you didn't expect the quality to be much chop.... Wow, you had to stop worrying about this cosplay! At the convention, everyone had complimented you on what a cute Italy you made. You didn't look much like him except for the shape of your face, so you felt pretty good!

But now you found yourself taken away from the warmth of the convention hall and out in the cold rain. Trees swayed with the slight wind, the droplets atop their leaves glinting the noon-day sun. Cars of other convention-goers drove past you, rain bouncing up from the road as the tyres rolled across up the hill. It'd been a good day. Walking up the slight incline of this hill had become much more of a trouble now with how wet it was, you kept extra precaution so you wouldn't trip in any dents. You kept your head down as you continued walking up the street, finally deciding to worry about your cosplay when you'd gotten home. Cold beads of water collected in our eyelashes dripped down your cheeks with each blink, making you rub at your eyes repeatedly. You swore that you heard something call out behind you, but it was probably just the cars that were driving past.
You looked up as you felt the incline flatten out, you were now at the corner of the road and you continued walking down to the right. Back down a hill. It was getting very wet now, your wig was getting pretty heavy from the wetness (you didn't want to start on how horrible your wig will look after the rain!). Suddenly you heard someone behind you.

'Italy? Italy!' You looked around and slipped over with the sudden imbalance; this hill was not as steep as the other but it still got you. God, if only you went in the car! The person who had called out began walking, or marched more accurately, down the hill and was coming at you quickly. They seemed slightly angry or tense, maybe they were just excited. Their hands were in fisted balls on either side of them as they marched. You stood yourself back up as you realized it was a Germany cosplay! And it was pretty good as well. He or she, you never know with cosplay, stopped abruptly in front of you. You were just at a convention and this Germany had come from the same direction as you, so you just assumed they wanted a hug as you'd usually get at these things. 'Do you want a hug Germany?'
You outstretched your arms and smiled after you tried your best Italy impersonation, you couldn't help but chuckle because it was so horrible! You wrapped your arms around him and swung from side to side. 'Veeeeeeee!' You couldn't hold back a smile as you removed your head from his or her shoulder. They looked angrily at you, the knit in their brow showed they were obviously annoyed with you for some odd reason. You could tell now that they were a man. 'You didn't want a hug?'
'No I didn't want a hug.' The other cosplayer said harshly, they talked like him as well! You removed your arms from his torso, but he quickly grasped one and began pulling you back up the hill.

'H-hey! What are you doing?!' You stuttered in shock. You wanted to sound in control, but it had taken you by surprise; this person was strong! You felt a little stupid as well, having just hugged him randomly.
'We need to go Italy. It's raining und we have things to do at home.' The Germany had quickly pulled you back up the hill, as if you weren't protesting at all. While at the top you were able to slip your wrist from his grasp with the help of the rain and you took a step back from them. Now you could finally take your ground and give this creep something to work with.
'What the hell do you think you're doing asshole; grabbing women from the streets? Do you think you're achieving anything but getting a fist down your throat?! Fuck off.' You began walking down the hill angrily again. You've still got it; a slight smirk came across your lips as you began walking down the hill again. You could hear the creep following you and then murmur something. The tone of their voice suggested that they were more confused than you. They put their hand firmly on your left shoulder, you just wanted to get out of this horrible rain and get this creep off your back! You stopped walking and let the Germany turn you around, as they did so you balled your right hand into a fist and you punched them straight into their jaw. You could feel you got part of their neck as well and they started coughing, grasping their neck and letting you go.
'I told you to leave me alone, what did you expect? You had it coming.' You said sternly and continued walking down the path. You could hear the creep coughing a little before he cleared his throat and said, 'You can't be Italy then.' You turned around quickly and ripped off your wig, revealing your hair in a clean bun at the bottom of your head and the few strands that now sat swaying around your face. His face heavily blushed, he took a few steps towards you but you lifted your fist again.

'It's only fiction, remember? I'm not actually Italy, nor am I Italian for that matter. You should go home.' He stopped immediately and began apologizing.
'I-I'm sorry, so sorry fraulien! I thought you were my friend Italy, but you're just...... dressed like him.' At his last words he lost his pace in speech, he looked at you up and down, puzzled. You blushed slightly, looking down at yourself as well, your uniform had begun sticking to your body and your figure was obviously not that of a male's. You had the widest pelvis in the world and your waist curved in ever so slightly. 'From the back, and with the wig on... you definitely appeared like him. But now, it seems strange thinking that....' He seemed slightly dazed, hadn't he seen cosplay before? He had walked from the same direction as you and even if everyone would've left by now, he must've seen signs for the convention. Obviously not though.
'May I just ask why you're dressed like mein friend?'

'It's called cosplay, I know, it sounds silly but I enjoy it. And a lot of other people! Enough people to make a convention for it actually, that's where I just came from.' You flattened the creases and folds in your uniform as you explained. Germany responded with just a slight nod to his head; he must've never heard of it before. His mouth was just a small o, raindrops continued trickling down his face. His hair was drenched and had flopped over his face, nearly covering his crisp blue eyes. 'I actually thought you were a cosplayer as well, that's why I hugged you...' You gingerly pointed to him and felt slightly embarrassed. It didn't faze you as weird that you were actually meeting Germany for some reason.
'Well, I do look like myself.' He smiled to you, his vivid blue eyes lightened up as he let out a slight chuckle. The tension had definitely lifted; you thought for a second that he thought you were a complete weirdo! But he just seemed amused by it; having never heard of it before.
'I can help you look for him if you want?' You piped up again, shrugging humbly, 'I have nothing else to do but dry off this uniform and the wig, so I might as well get it as wet as possible.' Germany crossed his arms, possibly thinking of whether to say yes or no. He happily said,
'If you don't mind, that'd really help. This kid is like a little kitten; probably off following some other girls or a butterfly or god knows what.'
'Strength in numbers, I've always thought!' You replied cheerily as you walked up beside him, he smiled to you. So you began your search for the little Italian boy in the rain, luckily the rain was beginning to lighten up!

But to no avail, the rain settled back into its heavy pouring just half an hour after you began looking with Germany. Luckily you'd found him easily; he was in an alleyway nearby. He swore that he smelt pizza cooking and you had said that there was a pizzeria on the main road. Italy had really wanted to go, but Germany had said no.
'Maybe another time, eh?' You said to Italy, trying your best (but still horrible) impersonation of him. It made him laugh at least, which brought another smile to his face. 'Do you wanna' come have-a dinner with us? I'm making something special!' Italy mused to you. You flattered by his invitation, you'd only just met and he had already warmed up to you so much! You looked over at Germany to see if he looked uncomfortable about the possibility of having a guest all of a sudden, 'Strength in numbers, you said before.' He added upon entering your gaze with him. 'Ve!' Italy squeaked.

The rain continued steadily pouring outside, but luckily you were dry now. Well, fairly dry if you wanted to be exact. It took a little while to get to their house and then everyone went their own way to get into dry clothes, you were ushered by Germany into a bathroom and left to your own devices to dry yourself. He seemed a little too embarrassed to be helping you with your clothes, which you were fine with because you weren't expecting anyone to be feeling you up after a day at the convention centre! The bathroom you were left to was pretty dirty you'd have to say. On the sink sat a crumpled up tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush which seemed to still have some surplus fluoride still stuck in the bristles and a comb was also situated on the sink which was also shining with wetness. You cringed at the thought of using that already moist toothbrush to clean your own choppers, ugh.... This was definitely Italy's bathroom. You looked through the cabinet underneath the sink and found yourself a blow dryer which you then used to partially dry your clothes with. Your jacket and wig were completely soaked through and you had taken them off way before you'd gotten into that bathroom, so you thought it'd be fine to leave them in the bathroom right? You were wearing your black button up shirt and bright blue tie underneath anyway; for the cosplay. You took off your tie and rolled up the sleeves of the shirt, squeezing out as much water as possible.

You walked out of the bathroom and could easily remember how to make your way through to the entrance, where the dining room and kitchen sat, again. But it didn't really matter because your sense of smell could lead you just as well. You were overwhelmed by a delicious smell that made your mouth water. Oh, it smelt good! You quickly found yourself by the kitchen and popped your head around the door to peak in on Italy in his element, cooking up something. You moved yourself fully into the room and Italy noticed you immediately, he had changed into a green and white striped shirt. 'Ah, there you are! Do you like what I'm-a making, eh?' He smiled proudly over to you. You walked over to the stove and inhaled the delicious aromas of rice and beef.
'Oh, it smells very nice Italy! But I'd thought you'd be making pasta or pizza? Y'know, more patriotic?' You looked over at him, tilting your head slightly as you watched him continue stirring away at his masterpiece.

'Don't you like-a rice? I can make you pasta if you want! Pasta is the best you know?' He began musing again, bringing his hands to his chest and hugging himself in a daze. You watched him, finding it hard to hold back a chuckle. 'No no, I love any type of food! Don't worry about making it.' You assured him, successfully persuading him. You watched him for a few seconds, and saw him beginning to pour some alcohol onto the beef. Impulse made you jump up and snatch the bottle from him. 'Hey! What are you-a doing?'
Suddenly a large flame rose up from the stove, Italy yelped and jumped behind you. You were left to your own devices now. 'I thought this was your thing Italy!' You tutted at him playfully as you removed the pan from the fiery stove, 'You don't just put alcohol on a fire you silly boy! It's incredibly.....' You lost your words as you began looking for something to wet frantically. You saw a towel in the corner of your eye and snatched it, soaking it under the tap before dropping it over the small fire you had on the stove. '....Incredibly flammable.'

'Oh... I'm-a sorry!' Dazed confusion quickly turned into panicked apologies as he went down onto his knees and began begging you to forgive him repeatedly. 'Wow there!' You laughed nervously as he latched onto your leg. 'It's okay if you didn't know; it's more of science thing than a culinary thing I suppose.' You knew it wasn't; it was obviously general knowledge, but you couldn't have him be a whimpering mess like he was now. You weren't that horrible to scold him! Germany came into the room and stopped at the door, analysing the situation of Italy clinging to your leg.
You sheepishly smiled at him and he slightly blushed, moving over to a drawer. He sighed, 'Welcome to my world.' You could tell he was smiling behind his back. You knelt down to Italy's level and held his sobbing face. 'Look Italy, I'm sorry if I slightly spooked you. But I didn't want your house-'Germany cleared his throat, you rephrased your sentence, 'I mean Germany's house to burn down because of this little misunderstanding. I would feel horrible! And you know what? You'd feel even worse, and Germany would feel even worse than you!' How you talked to him felt condescending to you, but it seemed to work. Italy sniffled and looked up at you, 'You're so nice! Why can't you be Germany.'
Germany choked and you couldn't help but chuckle. 'I don't know if you'd want me over him, I think I might be worse!' Germany turned around and placed plates on the bench top beside you and Italy, leaning against it afterwards to listen to you. 'Girls are very confusing creatures and I'm not sure you'd like to live with one.' Germany exhaled a little chuckle and Italy smiled.

'And I wouldn't be able to-a walk around naked would I? If Germany was a girl?' Italy added to your reasoning. You could feel heat rising to your face as he said this, you stood up and looked over at Germany. He seemed to be more mortified than you! You couldn't help but smirk with how your perverted mind worked. 'Oh yeah Italy? I think it's best to only do that with Germany as well.' You replied.

You began leaning over the bench top, smugly looking over at Germany, who continued burning up. Italy stood up as well and placed the beef back on the stove. Germany began stammering and then cleared his throat, saying 'Y-yes, Italy has the right idea. We should all get preparing for dinner.'

Germany turned around and opened up the drawer below him, picking up cutlery.
'Can I help?' You asked, putting out your hands so Germany could pass the cutlery to you.
'I- I really like your spirit,' Germany complimented, trying to turn your mind from what he knew you were thinking, 'a good change from the usual....' Germany glanced over at Italy, who happily continued stirring away at his rice and singing, 'Precariousness that this man brings.' He gave you the cutlery and you began walking out the door towards the dining room which you'd past while first entering the house. You began laying out the cutlery, but you quickly realised there was four sets. You walked back into the kitchen to find Germany vigorously cleaning at the bench tops, hunched over them and moving his arm very quickly. You walked over to him and leant down to his level, he glanced over at you and then continued scrubbing away at something that he seemed to be the only one to see. 'How come I'm putting out four sets of cutlery? Is there another guest coming?'
Germany opened his mouth to answer, but Italy enthusiastically jumped in. 'Japan is coming over! So I'm making him a rice dish!'
Germany nodded in agreement, then continued scrubbing. 'The more the merrier I suppose, but I don't mean to intrude if this was meant to be just the three of you.' You humbly replied.

'You should stop worrying about getting in the way, really. It nearly disqualifies that lovely spirit you have.' Germany stood up right as he said this and looked over at you sincerely, you couldn't help but blush.
'Yeah, we might mistake you for Canada!' Italy brightfully added. You all suddenly heard a knock at the door. 'Just at the right time!' Italy sighed as he began pouring the rice onto the plates beside him. Germany walked out of the kitchen and you could hear muffled conversation between the two a few moments later. You found yourself being shooed out of the kitchen Italy and you walked into the kitchen, Germany and Japan were still talking in the door way happily before they noticed you. You smiled warmly at Japan as Germany introduced you, 'Oh Japan, this is another guest of ours tonight. She helped me find Italy this afternoon when I....'
'When he misplaced him.' He continued for him, Germany nodded in agreement. You stepped over and shook Japan's hand, he bowed to you. 'Oh, herro then. I'm Japan, it's nice to meet you.'
'It's nice to be of acquaintance Japan.' You replied confidently, mimicking his bow.
'It's time to-a eat everybody, eh?' You could hear Italy cheer from behind you, he held plates of food in his hands. You all sat down and got ready to eat, Italy placed down your plate first and you looked down onto it. It looked delicious! The steam blew up and warmed your face, your stomach grumbled. After everyone had been seated and had gotten their plate, you all began eating. You sat there in silence for a few seconds as you all ate, suddenly Germany piped up again.

'So, why don't you tell Japan about your costume?' He smiled to you, you began blushing and cleared your throat. 'Only because I want to hear more. ' He added.
'W-well, it's actually called cosplay,' You noticed Italy and Japan's curioustiy prick up.
'Ah, Cosplay? Isn't that what you-a do Japan?' Italy asked, leaning across the table.
'Oh yes, it is a part of Japanese pop culture and has been for many years. And you were cosplaying?' Japan smiled to you, seeming to of warmed up to you more.
'I was cosplaying Italy actually!' You laughed, looking over at Italy, who sat there very amused. 'I thought you looked like me eh?' He laughed.

'I had it on for a convention I was at, turns out that the compliments I was getting weren't just out of being polite! I fooled him.' You gestured over to Germany. You spent the meal laughing about the whole mishap, you felt like you were really getting to know these guys. But soon the meal was over and you'd all had your last bite. Hm, you didn't seem to be going home any time soon.... maybe you could spend more time with one of the Axis boys?
So here's my second story, I hope you enjoy!
And yes, I will be making 3 alternate endings for this where you can either get cuddly with Germany, Italy or Japan. I'll put the link below after I've made them, ok?
Bye! ^^
Japan: [link]
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